Kauai, HI – 74F
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Our story

Our guiding motto is ”be kind, be honest, do good, work hard, play hard and enjoy life”   

Erdogan bought the Bird of Paradise Home in June 1992 because of the spectacular views, rainbows, ocean and its proximity to the beautiful Mahaulepu beach for windsurfing as his retirement home. Since 1992 we have been working to improve it. While we own other homes, this home is our first love and we are planning to live in this home when we retire so we take care of it the best way we can and put all our  labor of love into it.  We enjoy our vacations in Kauai and love sharing the experiences with you.
Three months after we purchased the Bird of Paradise home, on September 11, 1992, the hurricane Iniki hit Kauai with 140-150 mph winds causing a tremendous amount of damage to the isle but no fatalities. The hurricane left the garden isle with not a single green leaf and not a single standing telephone pole.  Amazingly, all three large picture windows of the living room survived the hurricane. The only damage sustained was from flying concrete tiles.
The Orchid house – we fell in love with this high-quality home as soon as we visited it in 2010. This home is just 150 yards away from the Bird of Paradise home. Watch a spectacular sunrise from the comfort of this tropical paradise. The retreat showcases wood finishes, flowing indoor-to-outdoor living areas, upper-level balconies, a BBQ dining area, and expansive vistas 4000 sq ft indoor living. The Orchid House is in Poipu, the home location can be found on the map with pictures and more information, such as distance to points of interest (beaches, etc).

Our mission is simple, you are here for a vacation in Paradise, you will be treated like you are in paradise.